‘Congress’ Kadalebeeja


My first entry is the recipe for a very spicy peanut called ‘Congress Kadalebeeja’. It is known as Congress, because the peanut is split in half, just like the Indian congress party. It can be included in a group of snacks we Bangalore-ans call ‘ Khuruklu- muruklu’, which refers to the sound made while munching on them.

I have never found this particular type of peanut in any Indian store here. Since it is great to eat on its own, or is an essential ingredient of other fun dishes, and really easy to make, I think it deserves a place in my cookbook.


Peanuts- 1 cup

Chili powder- 1/2 teaspoon

Turmeric- 1/4 teaspoon

Curry leaves- 1 sprig( dry roasted till crispy, and crushed)

Black pepper powder- 1/4 teaspoon of a coarse powder

Asafoetida- a pinch or two

Salt- to taste

Oil- 1 Tablespoon


The Peanuts have to be dry roasted in either a kadai, or on the microwave for a few minutes. After they cool, the skin easily comes off by rubbing them between the palms, in the process, they can also be split in half. The skins have to be separated from the peanuts.

The oil has to be heated and all the powdered ingredients added to the oil. The peanuts are mixed in and the crushed curry leaves are added.The mixture has to cool, to become crunchy

Spicy Congress Kadalebeeja is ready to savour. Tastes its bestest on a rainy afternoon, with a hot cup of Coffee.



2 thoughts on “‘Congress’ Kadalebeeja

  1. RH’s recipe for “Congress” is so welcome, because it is the kind of Indian snack you don’t find in the U.S. and brings fond memories of home. The appellation, “Congress” for this snack came into vogue after Indira Gandhi split the Congress party into the “Syndicate” and Congress (I), following the All-India Congress Committee meeting in Lal Bagh Glass House in Bangalore, c. 1971. As far as I know, this name is used only in Karnataka, where you can simply ask for “Congress” and get this in asnack bakery or store. “Congress” peanuts are best made quite spicy (fiery), but do not need to be. Even the moderately spicy variety will tickle the tastebuds that you didn’t know you had.

    I just want to add a warning: “Congress” is really addictive.

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