‘Set’ Dose

Dosas come in many varieties, shapes and forms. Meet the Set Dosa, soft, spongy delicious brother of the crisp, spicy, Masala dosa. As the name implies, this dosa is served in sets of 3-4. Each hotel like MTR, or Vidyarthi Bhavan has its specialty dosas. My husband who is from Mysore, always raved about the set dosa’s from a Hotel called Raju Hotel. Last time we were in Mysore, we asked an Auto driver to take us there, which he promptly did. Unfortunately, all that stood in front of us was a building in ruins. And when we asked the Auto driver, he said” I thought you were visiting someone nearby, Raju Hotel was broken down a few years ago”. Well, though we did not find Raju hotel, my sister in law, got a great Set dosa recipe from the chef of a famous Hotel in Bangalore. It makes the best set dosas that can be made at home.So here goes-
Rice- 6 measures
Urad Dal- 1 measure
Saboodana- 1 measure
Avalakki( Beaten rice)- a fistful
Salt- to tasteMethod-
Soak all the ingredients separately for at least 4 hours and grind to a smooth, thick batter. The batter should be a little thicker than regular Dosa batter. Add the salt and allow fermenting for 10 to 12 hours in a warm place.
The dosa is made by pouring a ladleful of batter on a hot tava, and not spreading it. The sign of a good Set dosa is that holes that appear on the top, and it is very spongy.
The dosas can be enjoyed with a dollop of butter or ghee, saagu, and coconut chutney.

12 thoughts on “‘Set’ Dose

  1. Hi,
    Photo of the set dose looks yummy!
    I am going to try the recipe today.
    It would be nice if you can post the recipe for the “saagu” that goes with it – soon. I wanna have them together. 😉

    Keep it coming!!


  2. Thanks for the saagu recipe. It was delicious.
    We thoroughly enjoyed dose and saagu while watching Superbowl game/ads.
    My taste buds can’t wait to join the “Congress” party after Mr.Sridhar’s warning.

  3. Thanks Chaya,
    The compliments go to Bharthi…….
    Hope to see more of your comments, after experimenting on Jp”-)


  4. Hi,
    I have tried a number of set dosa recipes on the internet. Your’s is by far the best! The dosas were soft and fluffy and had just the right taste. I had been looking for a good recipe for a while, and now my hunt has finally ended.

    Thank you for helping a fellow bangalorean remember the flavors of youth 🙂


  5. Like I had written in my previous comment, we had enjoyed dose and sagu. I now recall not having saboodana and had altered the dose recipe. Today, I tried the exact set dose recipe like you have said here and it came out extremely well. Did not prepare saagu, though.
    Thanks once again.
    I couldn’t wait to eat dose when you were telling me that you guys were having it for dinner the other night. I soaked the ingredients right then and ate it tonight.

  6. Chanced on your blog via a google search, loved the set dosa. right ingredients and proportion. I have been making this for a while now. I have posted it in my blog too, check out when you get a chance.

  7. awesome recipe! have tried a couple of your recipes, and they have all turned out very well. Hope you continue to add to your collection.

    1. Thank you, Ajay. I’m glad you liked the Dosa. I was not sure if Hari gave you the making instructions properly:)

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