Soppina muddhi palya- Spinach curry


‘Soppu’ is the kannada word for green leaf vegetables. There are many different varieties of greens, like Menthya(fenugreek), sabasige(Dill), palak(Spinach), pudina(Mint), etc, used in making innumerable numbers of dishes. One of the popular varieties in Bangalore is the Dantina soppu or Green Amaranthus. The pictures can be seen here

The young stems and green leaves of the plant are used for making delicious sambhar and curry (Palya in Kannada). It is very nutritious, with high iron content, and is said to be an excellent food for people who are anemic. It is a great food for pregnant women.

This recipe is for a curry made using the Dantina soppu. I usually substitute palak for this, since Dantu is not easy to find in Grocery stores here. This dish goes great with hot rice and ghee.

Ingredients (To serve 4)-

Amaranthus or Palak- 1 large bunch, finely shredded

Green Chilies-2 or 3

Toor Dal- ½ cup

Peanuts- a fist full

Tamarind- ½ Tspn paste or a small lemon sized ball soaked in water

Jaggery or sugar- ½ Tspn

Vangibhath powder (Any store bought brand) – 1 Tspn

Sambhar powder (Any store bought brand) – 1 Tspn

Jeera- ½ Tspn

Fenugreek seeds- ½ Tspn

Fresh Coconut- 1 Tbspn

Curry leaves- 1 sprig

Mustard Seeds- ½ Tspn

Asafetida- a pinch or two

Oil/Ghee for Tempering

Salt- To taste


Dry roast the jeera and the fenugreek seeds. Add these to the greens. Pressure cook the greens, toor dal, peanuts, green chilies, jeera and fenugreek seeds with a little oil, turmeric, and some salt, for 2 whistles. Do not add too much water. The peanuts should also be cooked.

To the cooked mixture, add the tamarind, the vangibhath powder, sambhar powder, jaggery, and the coconut. Heat the oil in a small hand held kadai, add the mustard seeds, after they stop spluttering, add the asafetida, and the curry leaves. Add the tempering to the Curry and check for seasoning.




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