Green Tomato Palya


Tomatoes need no introduction at all. They are absolutely one of those essential vegetables in the kitchen, that can be used to cook up something, when there are no other veggies in the fridge. Sometimes we get green, unripe tomatoes at the grocery store. They make a very delicious curry, sambhar or pickle. They are sour and a little sweetish.

This recipe is for an easy curry made from unripe tomatoes. It goes great with any kind of chapathi or paratha.


1. Green Tomatoes- 5 to 6, chopped up

2. Vangibhath powder- 1 1/2 Tsp

3. Jaggery powder- 1/2 Tsp

4. Dry coconut- 2 Tsp

5. Turmeric powder- 1/4 Tsp

6. Curry leaves- 4/5

7. Channa dal- 1 Tsp

8. Urad dal- 1 Tsp

9. Mustard seed- 1/2 Tsp

10. Asafetida- a pinch

11. Salt to taste

12. Oil- 1 Tbsp


Make a tempering of mustard seeds, channa dal, urad dal, asafetida and curry leaves in a pan. Add the chopped tomatoes, turmeric powder and salt. Mix well, cover and let it cook. The tomatoes contain a lot of water, which they release while cooking, so there is no need to add any extra. In the meanwhile, grind the vangibhath powder, dry coconut and jaggery powder in a mixer and keep aside. Add the powder to the cooked tomatoes and let it simmer for a minute or two, before taking off the heat.


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