Godhi ChuTney PuDi/ Wheat ChuTney powder


Fairs and exhibitions are very common in Bangalore nowadays. Every one of these even has at least 1 store that sells various exotic homemade pickles, papads, many different types of chutney Pudis, ayurvedic food, soaps, oils, etc. Last time we were in Bangalore I got 4 types of rare Chutney pudis from a Khadi Exhibition of all places. All of them tasted so good, and did not last long in our pantry:-) So I decided to make a little of my own here. It turned out to be very successful, and tasted exactly like the original. This is the recipe for wheat chutney pudi.


1. Whole Wheat- 1 1/2 cups
2. Dry grated coconut(kobbari)- 1 cup
3. Whole red Chilies- 8
4. Curry leaves- 1 Sprig
5. Jaggery Powder- 1 Tbsp
6. Tamarind Powder( available in all Indian stores)- 1 Tsp
7. Salt- To taste
8. Asafetida- 1/4 Tsp


Dry roast the wheat in the microwave, by spreading it on a plate and microwaving on high for approximately 6 minutes. Stop the microwave every two minutes, mix the wheat, and microwave again, this helps roast the wheat evenly. Microwave the red chilies on high for approximately 3 minutes. Roast the dry coconut, curry leaves, asafetida for about a minute. Let all the ingredients cool to room temperature, and powder in a dry grinder separately in small batches, doing the coconut in the last batch, since coconut has oil.

Mix the powders together with the coconut powder, jaggery powder, salt and tamarind powder and sieve together one or twice, if necessary to mix well.

Tastes great with piping hot rice and ghee.


4 thoughts on “Godhi ChuTney PuDi/ Wheat ChuTney powder

  1. Hi RH,

    Nimma Chantnipudi, Hagu Adara gajina bottle nodidare mane gnyapaka ( remember) baruthe. Nanu modala bari indu account create madide. Innu nimma aduge nodalu mathra thuma chennagide, I am sure ruchiyanthu adbhutha irabeku.

    Nimage sandige,Happla enadaru mado karyakrama ideya? Enadaru recipe gothidhare please haki.


  2. 🙂 Khanditha haakthini…………..
    My hubby is an expert in making peNi. It turned out excellent the last time we made it. Ee sarthi summer alli try mado program ide. I’ll post the recipe. Sandige recipe, Yes I have the best one from my Mother in Law. I’ll post it soon. Andahaage, neevu iro kade araLu sikkathha?

  3. hi,,, Am planning to make this chutney pudi – without a microwave can I just dry roast it in a tava in batches ? let me know … also can i substitute tamarind powder with amchur (dry mango powder)…

    1. It can definitely be done on the stove and tamarind powder or roasted tamarind pieces can also be used. I am sure it will taste great.

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