Godhi/Wheat Haalbayi

‘Haalbayi’ is an old traditional sweet from Karnataka. This can be made with rice, wheat or ragi. Here is the recipe for the wheat version, a specialty of my Dear hubby.


1. Whole wheat- 1 cup, soaked in water for about 2 days
2. Jaggery powder- Measure out the same amount as the white wheat residue left after straining the ground wheat.
3. Coconut milk- 1/2 tin Or 1 cup grated coconut
4. Cardamom powder- 1/4 Tsp
5. Ghee- 1 TBsp
6. Cashew pieces fried in ghee( Optional)- 1/4 cup


Grind the wheat in a grinder, adding as much water as necessary, to make a thick paste. A blender can also be used.

Strain the paste through a sieve, to separate the fibre and gluten.

Let the remaining white residue settle for about an hour, and remove as much water as possible from the top.

Measure the amount of white residue at the bottom and keep the same amount of jaggery powder with a little bit of water in a thick bottom vessel, on the stove.

Once the jaggery melts, add the coconut milk, the fried cashews, cardamom and the wheat residue.

The mixture starts thickening almost immediately. Keep stirring the mixture till it starts leaving the sides of the pot.

Add some ghee to the mixture and remove it onto trays greased with ghee, and allow to cool for about half an hour before cutting into pieces.


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