Mysooru Mallige

I grew up in Bangalore, in a middle class, conservative family, where girls ‘had’ to learn certain things as part of tradition. Things like, singing, putting rangoli, making garlands of flowers,cooking etc. When I think about it, I realize I am glad I learnt how to do all these,. However modern life has become, I have still been able to connect to my roots because of skills I learnt years ago. Makes me feel proud.

Jasmine flowers really make me feel nostalgic. I remember the guy who would bring a wide basket with different types of  Jasmine on a small bicycle, every evening. My mom would buy some to make garlands for God almost every day. Arguing with the flower guy, how the flowers were not as fresh, or that he put less amounts….

I had no idea we could get jasmine plants in the US when I came here, till I found a few teeny weeny plants at Lowe’s 6 years ago. My plants have been doing well, and doing us proud. These are some of the flowers we got this year-

This batch went into making this garland, trust me, they are as fragrant as they are divine-

So whats the big deal, you ask? Actually, its no a big deal. I just feel good because, for me, it was difficult growing these plants. Living in the NE, the plants have to grow indoors for 6 months of the year, in very cramped spaces and survive on their own when we go to India every year. I found more types of Jasmine at Logee’s nursery, online. So got some Ambore mallige, yellow Jasmine, Jaaji and Sooji Mallige. Hope to get some more wonderful flowers next year, and relive all the memories again.

For those interested, you can buy Jasmine plants from the following stores-


One thought on “Mysooru Mallige

  1. That is a very beautiful garland and I can sympathise very well with your feelings on this topic. I have been trying for years longingly nostalgically fervantly to grow jasmines for worship. No other flower has the same value, the same cachet…
    Living in cold north Germany – I finally gave up. Now thanks to you I might start trying again …mmm… 6 month indoor – that I did not try yet. Thanks for the tip, the post and the beautiful inspiring photos.

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