Why do Celebrity Chefs ruin recipes?

I really like Chef Vikas Khanna. I do. I love his restaraunt “Junoon” in Manhattan where the Nadru Kofta was a discovery. BUT, I hate it when Chefs think they can simplify a recipe, without knowing how it is suppose to taste authentically. I found this video on YouTube of the Chef supposedly making ‘Menaskayi’. First he pronounced it wrong then he just oversimplified the dish, using almost all the ingredients, but not correctly. Well, he missed an important ingredient. You see, cooking a dish and making it well is different. The difference is between being correct theoretically and being correct practically

Well, I felt just as offended as an Italian Chef would, if you made a Roti put some cheese over it and called it Pizza.

Whatever this is, it is not “menaskayi”. Its probably Pineapple curry at the most, nothing more than that.

I do recommend that Chefs who are celebrities do their homework first. First with pronunciation and secondly taste the authentic version of the dish first before making a TV show about it!!

Chef Khanna, please invite me over to your kitchen, let me show you what exactly a “Menaskayi” is supposed to be!



One thought on “Why do Celebrity Chefs ruin recipes?

  1. Wow, I can come too 😀 It’s Famous and Must in South India and now a days we all use variety of fruits for this i.e. Pineapple, mango, dates, bitter gourd, etc. thank you n keep going. God bless.

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