Memorable day!! 

This is one of the most memorable days of my life….cooking for Chef Madhur Jaffrey. We planned a menu that would be a sample of a typical Madhwa festival meal. She is such a nice person, I am so happy to have met her. 

Our menu was- 

  1. Hunasekayi thokku
  2. Baale dindina kosambari
  3. Cashew thondekayi palya
  4. Matvadi palya
  5. Pineapple gojju
  6. Doddapathre thambuli
  7. Maavinakayi Chitranna
  8. Saaru
  9. Appe payasa
  10. Hayagreeva
  11. Ambode 
  12. And some Ambode soaked in saaru

We also served some Paanaka as refreshments. 

I  really hope she enjoyed our company as much as we enjoyed hers.


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