Godhi payasa( Broken Wheat Kheer)

I have been in Bangalore for almost 2 months now and ate out only once at MTR. That is a record, because we hardly went to any restaurant this time. 

At MTR, the kheer given with the Thali the day we went was broken wheat kheer. It was so simple and delicious, I think the simplicity made it even more delicious. 

To make broken wheat kheer- 


  1. Broken wheat( small grains)- 1 cup
  2. Thin coconut milk- 4 cups
  3. Jaggery- 3/4 cup( or to taste)
  4. Clove powder- 1/4 tsp
  5. Cashew nuts and dry grapes fried in ghee( optional) 


To make the coconut milk at home-

Take the scrapings from 1 fresh coconut and grind well in the mixer with 1 cup of water. Using a fine mesh strainer, get out all the coconut milk. This is the first press coconut milk. It’s very thick and can be used in any dish that calls for coconut milk. 

Add another cup of water to the left over strained coconut and repeat the process. The coconut milk got from this is called second press. It’s thinner than the first press milk. 

Repeat the process for a third time. The milk that you get from the processes the third press. It’s thin and watery. 

Use the third press milk to cook the wheat in a pressure cooker. To the fully cooked wheat, add the jaggery powder and melt it completely. Add the second press coconut milk and some water if necessary. Add the clove powder and bring to a boil. Add the fried cashews and dry grapes. 

Serve warm. 


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