Simple but Great Guacamole dip


1. 1 ripe Avocado

2. Cilantro-1 Tbsp, chopped

3. 1/2 ripe Tomato- chopped

4. Onion- 1 Tbsp, chopped fine

5. Green chilli- 1 chopped( remove the seeds and pith, depending on the amount of spiciness needed)

6. Lemon juice- from 1/4 lemon

7. Cucumber( Optional)- a 2 inch piece, finely chopped

8. Salt- To taste

How to check if an Avocado is perfectly ripe– When the stem of the avocado is removed, the flesh should be dark green( Source- Food network) + the Avocado should not be squishy on slightly pressing.


Mash up the avocado with a fork. Mix in the other ingredients. Add the lemon juice. The Lemon juice prevents discoloration of the avocado by oxidation, in addition to giving a great taste. Tastes great with Tortilla chips or regular potato chips. I think it also makes great sandwiches.