Jackfruit Ice-cream




Its raining Jackfruit here in Connecticut. We were actually very pleasantly surprised to find these beauties at our local Shop and Stop. I have no clue what variety Jackfruit they are, but I am saving the seeds to try grow them, they are that good.

We had a few extra fruit and I have a new Ice Cream maker that I have been using this summer to make some wonderful desserts. So, thought of trying something new. I have seen Jackfruit Ice cream at the Ibaco Stores in Bangalore, so its not my invention. Jackfruit it seems, is a very popular flavor in other Asian countries like Thailand.

Its easy to make with an Ice cream maker. I am really not sure how to make it without one. The other thing I know is that Ice creams that have a custard base, made with egg yolks are really rich and creamy and the best. For people who do not eat eggs, Heavy cream and Full fat milk are a good option.



  1. Half and Half- 2 cups
  2. Heavy Cream- 1 cup
  3. Heavy Cream for whipping- 1/2 Cup( Or 1/2 can of Reddi Whip)
  4. Sugar – 100 gms
  5. Jackfruit pulp- 1 Cup ( pulp from about 6-7 large fruit)
  6. Honey- Optional( to make ribbons in the ice cream)

Jackfruit has a lot of sugar in it already, so its a good idea to start off with slightly less sugar and adjust a little later if necessary.


Make a pulp of the Jackfruit and keep it aside. In a heavy bottom pan, heat the heavy cream and milk. Add the sugar and turn off the heat as soon as it starts bubbling. Let the milk cool down to the room temperature.

When the Milk has cooled down completely, add the jackfruit pulp and incorporate well in the milk, using a whisk. Cool this mixture in the refrigerator for about 2-4 hours.

After a couple of hours, whip about 1/2 cup of heavy cream till it forms stiff peaks. You can add a tiny bit of sugar to the cream to sweeten it if needed. If you have a can of Reddi Whip in the refrigerator, you can skip this step.

The Ice bowl of the Ice cream maker needs to be in the freezer for at least 10-12 hours. Pour the cooled milk mixture into the Ice bowl and churn as per the instructions on the machine. It took me a good 30 minutes for the mixture to get thick and airy. It also almost doubles in volume. Stop the machine and fold in the whipped cream to the Ice cream, gently.

The Ice cream will really soft at this point. Take half the mixture into the container in which you will be freezing. Drizzle a generous amount of honey or caramel. Pour the other half of the Ice cream on it. This can also be done in 3 layers, to get more swirls. Freeze the Ice cream till it hardens slightly.

Serve with some mixed fruit and chopped nuts.